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Success Series
We are involved with several different presentations that will elevate your curiosity and skill in every aspect of comprehensive care and wellness.
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Treatment Acceptance Demystified
How do we engage the patient to want the very best for themselves? How do the elite practices seem to always be doing amazing cases? Learn the systems and patterns that result in the opportunities to practice the dentistry that you have worked so hard to master. 
  • Essential records for persuasion
  • Engaging the patient with their own desires
  • Step by step to achieve readiness for treatment plans
  • ​Necessary agreements for great patient relationships

Tuition Fees & CE Credit Information

 $2,495 for 1 doctor + 1 treatment coordinator -  15 hours CE
AIC - Wall Street
111 Broadway - 17th Floor
New York, NY

 June 17-18, 2022

Integrative Wellness Demystified
More and more patients are aware of building a life of health, fitness and wellness. This arena of self motivated health care has always been a forte of dentistry. With modern self monitoring and patient driven assessment, the dental practice is well positioned to be an advocate for the health our patients truly want. Our personal and professional knowledge in the areas of physiology, nutrition, testing, sleep, sugar, obesity, inflammation, and fitness is a golden ticket to creating modern health goals for ourselves and our patients. In this program we will build options for you and your patients to dive deep into new lifestyles. 
  • How to bridge and integrate wellness into the practice
  • What are the most relevant areas for dentists to be involved in testing
  • How to order and where to order health tests for patients
  • How to stimulate self directed knowledge and lifestyle approaches to improved health

Tuition Fees & CE Credit Information

 $3,495 per person, 18 hours CE
 **Exclusive Event**
Limited Enrollment
Surf & Sand - Laguna Beach, California

 October 20-22, 2022

Leadership Demystified
Leadership in the dental practice separates the ordinary from the extraordinary. When you sense resistance to your ideas, systems, culture, or performance, there are usually patterns of leadership to be improved. Every office and organization is lead by those who understand how to approach internal and external threats, how to encourage recognition and appreciation, and how to build structural systems that are predictable and rewarding.
  • Learn how to create breakthroughs for your team
  • Learn how to elegantly manage change
  • True change happens in a culture of growth
  • Great leadership can be easily developed

Tuition Fees & CE Credit Information

 $3,495 per person, 18 hours CE
Surf & Sand - Laguna Beach, California

 Q1 - 2023

Upcoming Events
Occlusion Demystified
Vero Dental, Lehi, UT
  March 23-27, 2022
Functional Aesthetics
Roseman University - South Jordan, UT
  PREP - September 16-18, 2022
  SEAT - October 7-9, 2022
Advanced Aesthetic Reconstruction 
Roseman University - South Jordan, UT
  PREP - April 8-10, 2022
  SEAT - May 20-22, 2022
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