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We are involved with several different presentations that will elevate your curiosity and skill in every aspect of comprehensive care and wellness.
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Occlusion Demystified
This course is ideal for:
Those practicing real world dentistry
Dentists who desire to improve aesthetics
Dentists who want to eliminate failures and predictably restore patients in ideal position
Vero Dental
Lehi, UT
 March 25-27, 2022
Functional Aesthetics
The combination of clinical, communication, marketing, and management skills addressed in this course will not only increase your enjoyment of dentistry, but will also promote a level of clinical success and confidence most dentists don't realize is possible.
Roseman University
South Jordan, UT

  PREP - Sept 16-18, 2022
  SEAT - October 7-9, 2022
Treatment Acceptance Demystified
How do we engage the patient to want the very best for themselves? How do the elite practices seem to always be doing amazing cases? Learn the systems and patterns that result in the opportunities to practice the dentistry that you have worked so hard to master. 
AIC Wall Street
New York, NY
 June 17-18, 2022
Advanced Aesthetic Reconstruction
More and more people are turning to aesthetic restorative and reconstructive dentistry for the large aesthetic and functional and structural compromises that affect the face, mouth and dentition. This has brought us to the place where we have to ask ourselves questions about techniques and protocols that can address the patient’s needs using the modern aesthetic restorative materials that we use in our routine treatment of 1-4 teeth. We also must ask, is there a way to be more conservative in our preparations and treatment plans on these larger cases than over preparing, or removing viable teeth for a prosthetic solution.

Roseman University
South Jordan, UT

  PREP - April 8-10, 2022
  SEAT - May 20-22, 2022
Integrative Wellness Demystified
More and more patients are aware of building a life of health, fitness and wellness. This arena of self motivated health care has always been a forte of dentistry. With modern self monitoring and patient driven assessment, the dental practice is well positioned to be an advocate for the health our patients truly want. Our personal and professional knowledge in the areas of physiology, nutrition, testing, sleep, sugar, obesity, inflammation, and fitness is a golden ticket to creating modern health goals for ourselves and our patients. In this program we will build options for you and your patients to dive deep into new lifestyles. 

Surf & Sand
Laguna Beach, CA
 October 20-22, 2022
Upcoming Events
Occlusion Demystified
Vero Dental, Lehi, UT
  March 23-27, 2022
Functional Aesthetics
Roseman University - South Jordan, UT
  PREP - September 16-18, 2022
  SEAT - October 7-9, 2022
Advanced Aesthetic Reconstruction 
Roseman University - South Jordan, UT
  PREP - April 8-10, 2022
  SEAT - May 20-22, 2022
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